9 Foto Koleksi Uniform Seorang Profesional Tanpa Disedari, Tapi Perkara Yang Paling Memalukan Selamanya!

No matter how intricate or crammed the conceptualization for uniforms were, results do vary. Apparently, it seems like the more uniforms are planned and well-designed, the more it appears awkward or uncomfortable to wear.

#2 Drama, blueness, camels and thigh gaps.

Their costume is pretty much distracting. Creators of this suit must be filed with harassment or attempted murder for this shameful design.

#3 Camel racers, for the win!

Come one, come all. Would you be willing to give up the title for these…pretty skillful women racers? Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ is the answer.

#4 She’s a gymnast and her suit is unexpectedly revealing, and hurting!

Don’t stretch that much, some organs would end up dysfunctional.

#5 Girls, girls who should’ve wore nothing at all.

Personally, I despise one-piece of garment, especially for my girls. It’s going to be easier for rapists to fulfill their criminal interests–clearer targets, you know.

#6 Swimmer’s wardrobe malfunctioning.

I forgive this one because no single maker of swimwear would sabotage an athlete by putting a hole exactly at the buttcrack area. Speedo knows the real deal.

#7 Sinful optical illusion: are they nude or not?

Let’s give a round of applause for this trap. This time, I think this is the one I would call ‘athletic sabotage by demonizing the wardrobe’. Poor ladies, they had to wear them, or else…

#8 Pinkish bike rider, cute.

I thought, only ladies would get a camel toe. I was correct until this day came.

#9 Hotdogs and awkwardness, anyone?

While the worker’s name is on her cap, the colors they’ve used for their uniform is more than enough to imagine more of the mustard, ketchup, hotdog, and some spices. You won’t feel hungry and excited about that stick you’re about to buy. It’s decreasing your lust for the food, swear.

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